Freelance Services

Data Consulting

Niles Media works either independently or with staff reporters, from conception to completion or anywhere in between, under strict assurance of confidentiality for your operation. Detailed proposals — and excellent references — are available on request.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Acquire, clean, structure and analyze data with proper documentation, using tools such as Excel, OpenRefine and MySQL.

Interactive Visualizations and Information Graphics

Produce and/or contribute to interactive data visualizations and information graphics, using tools such as Tableau, Silk, customized Excel charts, Fusion Tables and CartoDB.

Data Audits and Pre-Production Proofing

Audit data trails and proof final product before publication to ensure accuracy and formatting consistency.

Planning and Project Management

Lead and/or contribute to: establishing mission clarity, cross-platform planning and collaboration, developing organizational frameworks, designing effective navigational flow, and timely project tracking.

Freelance Reporting

Niles Media owner Hilary Niles reports and produces multimedia stories for public radio, print and the Web. Her work has been featured on National Public Radio, the NPR Station Showcase with PRX, and in newspapers, alt-weeklies and magazines from Vermont to Australia.

Investigative, Explanatory and Enterprise Reporting

Through close sourcing and interviewing, Hilary finds unique angles on challenging stories to shine light where it’s needed and move public conversations forward.

State Government and Public Policy

Hilary specializes in public policy storytelling at the state and regional level, especially covering business and economic development in the context of overcoming generational poverty.

Legislative, Legal, Property and Business Research

Hilary is versed in freedom of information laws at the federal and state levels, and experienced conducting all manner of document research to find and report stories.

About Hilary Niles

Here's a short bio.

Journalism Research

Journalism's obligation doesn't stop with an audience, but extends to the profession itself. Niles Media is committed to advocating for press freedom around the world and keeping the business of journalism viable.

Global Right to Information

Although the world has seen a surge of countries adopt freedom of information laws in recent years, major setbacks and new challenges plague long-established laws. Niles Media's research focuses on identifying conditions of “ripeness” for both strengthening and rolling back this essential human right.

Community Engagement and Measuring Impact

Even after intrepid reporting and careful crafting, stories need innovative community engagement in order to reach and affect audiences. Hilary Niles' research on measuring impact, conducted with Charles Lewis at the Investigative Reporting Workshop in Washington, D.C., earned the Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi award for excellence in 2013.

Work Samples

View portfolios of data projects, plus reporting for public radio and for print and the Web.

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