Data Services and Consulting

On either a project or retainer basis, I work independently or with staff reporters from conception to completion of data-driven reporting, under strict assurance of confidentiality for your operation. Detailed proposals — and excellent references — are available on request.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Acquire, clean, structure and analyze data with proper documentation, using tools such as Excel, OpenRefine and MySQL.

Interactive Visualizations and Information Graphics

Produce and/or contribute to interactive data visualizations and information graphics, using tools such as Tableau, Silk, customized Excel charts, Fusion Tables and CartoDB.

Data Audits and Pre-Production Proofing

Audit data trails and proof final product before publication to ensure accuracy and formatting consistency.

Planning and Project Management

Lead and/or contribute to: establishing mission clarity, cross-platform planning and collaboration, developing organizational frameworks, designing effective navigational flow, and timely project tracking.