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Columbia’s glossy goes gourmet

In-class assignment to grab our smart phones, find a story and file it from the field — all within one hour. It was hard to compose in the little box on my iPhone, but totally fun. 

COLUMBIA, MO. — As Inside Columbia magazine moves to its new headquarters on West Broadway, the local glossy is changing a lot more than its address.

A new “Culinary Adventure Center” now takes center stage in the magazine’s office building, which is already in use even as renovations are being completed. The expansive, high-ceilinged room is flanked by both a meeting room and a wine cellar, a kitchen storage closet and the sales and marketing department. Classes in gourmet cooking are already sold out through the calendar year, and publisher Fred Parry is actively planning the next lineup.

Following a demonstration and hands-on instruction by a guest chef from one of the city’s independent restaurants, class members — up to 36 of them — get a short wine education seminar while their meals are completed. They enjoy their creations in the magazine’s dining room, a window-walled room overlooking Broadway.

“It’s course instruction and you get to eat what you make,” Parry said. He added that the view from the dining room is prime, with lights of University of Missouri’s Jesse Hall visible in the distance.

Classes are are held every Tuesday and Thursday in six-week “semesters” and cost $59 each. For more information, visit



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