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Niles Media’s journalism focuses on narrative, investigative and explanatory reporting using wordssounds and data. Owner Hilary Niles also offers project management for journalism and journalism-adjacent pursuits. 

Coverage focuses on human rights and economic/community development — especially solutions for overcoming generational poverty — but assignments span a variety of topics.

Peruse the selected portfolio below, and be in touch to discuss your reporting, audio or data needs.


Hilary Niles’ reporting has been published by the Boston Globe, Montreal Gazette, US News,, and magazines, newspapers and websites from Vermont to Australia.


From her days volunteering for a community radio station, Hilary Niles has built her audio portfolio to include clips on NPR and the BBC World Service.


In addition to data acquisition, analysis, visualization and related reporting, Hilary Niles consults with newsrooms to streamline and document their data processes. Primary tools are Excel and Google Sheets, plus SQL, Carto, GitHub and Tableau.